Tottori Omotenashi

While using a multilingual translator to foreign tourists (inbound) visiting Tottori city

It is an introduction of those who are actually active using "hospitality power" of the area beyond language barriers.


Flat-rate service is popular! Meister is tourist information

Sakyu Kaikan

To souvenir shops of Tottori sand dunes, for meals


A refreshing sport that slides down the slope of 30 degrees

Fat Bike

From "Viewing Dunes" to "Playing Dunes"

Sakyu Yoga

Tottori dune is connected with the earth

Hotel Monarque

Communicate with a smile, good memories of Tottori

Tottori Wagyu Beef

Yakiniku restaurant which can enjoy rare luxury beef of Tottori, Manyoha cow

The Misty bar

I would like you to know how to enjoy Japanese bars