Fat Bike Tour

"Sand dune, mountain, sea too! Luxury tour around all "

"Fat bike" is about a tire bicycle about four times as thick as a normal bicycle.

I will guide and we will run around the dunes.

Because there are few undulations in the sand dunes, you can also enjoy those who are not confident about their physical strength.


The course is in the sand dunes, the mountain road on the back side of the tourist facilities, and the beach at the coast.

"Fat bike" tires are thick, so sandy areas will also proceed easily.

"Fat bike" advances smoothly where a car can not enter.

Sand dunes take quite a while to walk.

The bicycle can turn around the dune in about 2 hours.

Tottori sand dunes are not just climbing to "horsebacks" just to look at them.

Please experience "Tottori Sand Dunes and the surrounding seas and mountains" "Fat Bikes". 

"Popularity rise in Hong Kong at SNS! Safe indispensable explanation by translator "

There are many Hong Kong customers recently. It is probably the effect of Hong Kong Airlines' flight at Yonago Airport.

Many people know "fat bicycle" on the Internet and book directly with e-mail.


There are also people who get information with SNS.

I will take pictures of scenes where customers are on "fat bicycles".

I will give that picture to the customer.

If the conditions of the weather and waves are good, you can take pictures like running on the mirror at the edge of the beach.

The customer will publish it with SNS and the person who saw it will come.

There are many people like that.


When customers ride "fat bicycles", they must always tell about safety and how to operate.

Some people can not communicate in English, so I am relieved that there is a translation machine.

Until now I used a smartphone translation application.

I feel that the terminal of "KDDI" is easier to handle proper nouns.

"From "Viewing Dunes" to "Playing Dunes". I want to communicate unique phenomena to overseas people "

Customers coming to Tottori sand dune, regardless of domestic and overseas, estimate the stay time very short.

I do not want you to know the sand dunes just by looking at them. I would like to have more fun.

In "fat bike", perhaps it may be possible to experience Tottori sand dunes where local people do not even know.

I would like to further PR this.


For overseas people, I would like to explain more about Tottori sand dunes more properly.

I would like you to realize that the phenomenon unique to sand dunes such as "wind pattern", "sandy", "sand pillar" is not only beautiful but also very unusual.

I can not quite explain it in my own English.

Because it is a technical term there are parts that the translator does not catch up with.

I would like to explain in the same way as to explain to Japanese people. 


Yorihiro Ogura (JMA Certified Instructor)


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