Hotel Monarque

"7 minutes from the station, perfect location for a convenient location! "

Hotel MONARQUE Tottori is a 7-minute walk from JR Tottori Station.

Hotel MONARQUE Tottori is located in the center of Tottori city center, perfect for sightseeing and business base.

There, you can enjoy the unique charm of Tottori such as natural hot springs and delicious meals using locally sourced ingredients.

Also it is close to downtown, so it is a convenient accommodation to go out at night.

Bright and friendly staff will be hospitable.


Our hotel is also patronized by overseas customers.

Especially popular is the spa which boasts of Monarch.

Once the hot springs enter, once the skin gets slippery, it is very pleasing.

In restaurants nearby, Takumi Cuisine and others seem to be popular among foreigners.

 "Translation machine is encouraging to customers and staff"

It seems that customers from foreign countries are increasing year by year.

In particular, more people traveled on private trips.

As a hotel, we are trying to strengthen our acceptance system by preparing English homepage and pamphlets.

Multilingual translators are part of that.


At Hotel Monarch, we have two staff who are proficient in English, welcoming customers from foreign countries.

I am one of them and I will show foreign guests in English.


Many of our customers talked in English or Japanese, and customers themselves had a translation machine.

However, not all people speak English or have a translator.

Also, it is not always the case that there are English-ready staff at the front desk.

At that time, if there is this translator, everyone of the staff will actively invite foreign customers and invite them to feel satisfied.

Translation machines are enthusiastic for both customers and staff.

"Communicate with a smile, good memories of Tottori"

Those who come to the hotel mostly do not know much about Tottori.

I think that it is the key to the people how to have good image about Tottori is next.


I have traveled to Thail before.

Although I was very anxious in a country where language could not be communicated, the Japanese staff of the hotel kindly made me feel very relieved.

After all, I was deeply aware that it is important to understand the words.

We would like to encourage our customers to travel safely even at foreign travel destinations and to feel comfortable and enjoyable trips with a friendly smile while using this translator so that you can think that "Tottori is a nice place" .

Hotel Monarque Tottori

Akane Taniguchi

403, Eirakuonsen-cho,Tottori-shi, Tottori, Japan