Sakyu Kaikan

 "To souvenir shopping, meal"

"Sakyu-Kaikan" is a Tottori "Large" sand dune, and sells souvenirs and offers meals.

Souvenirs include processed goods such as sweets, pickles, cherry blossoms, alcohol products such as sake, Tottori's special products, civil craft items and accessories.

Not limited to those in the eastern part of Tottori Prefecture, we deal in western part such as "Kitaro".

"Rakkyo no Tsukudani" is the most popular among Japanese people.

Overseas people often ask for sweets.

"Pear software" is popular regardless of country.

I would like you to eat "pear soft" once.

Meals are staple such as noodles and soba, and seafood menu that you can enjoy the fishes of Tottori's sea.

Please also try " Flying fish burger" and " Sakyu-Kaikan Original "Rakkyo Burger" sold at the cafe corner of the hotel.


"In the future we can explain to Chinese and Korean people with their words"

For overseas customers, you will often be asked about the location of the "Sand Museum of Art" and opening hours.

Until now, I used a translation terminal shared by the entire floor.

We did not use terminals for customers who can speak English, and we responded in English as much as possible.

Customers know that English is difficult to understand. Many people tried to talk in English words etc.


Well troubled was the explanation of discounted items.

It was hard to convey that it would be cheap to buy it all together.

From now on, the number of terminals will increase and I think that Chinese and Korean people will be able to speak in their mother tongue.

"Thanks to the hands, injured Chinese customers smoothly treat"

Previously, when customers from China got hurt at the entrance of the dunes entrance, the staff realized that the translator was really good and the staff was really good.

Customers can only speak Mandarin, no one knew what that person said.

Therefore, a translation machine was a big success.

Even after we take guests to the hospital, customers interacted with the doctor through a translation machine.

Customers were able to communicate with each other about their own things and procedures and were able to receive treatment smoothly.


I tried it a little because the translation terminal became new, but I felt quite sure that I could hear the sentences correctly and translate them.

If there is this, it seems that we can tell you about recommended items and products that our customers were interested in.

We talk to other things than business, I feel like I can talk.

We hope to do our best to welcome you so that you can feel comfortable returning with a smile.


Mayumi Tanaka

2164, Yuyama Fukube-cho,Tottori-shi, Tottori, Japan