Tottori sand dunes yoga

"Dunes, connecting with the earth"

The sand dune does not stay in the same shape even at one time.

Dunes are constantly changing and keep updating.

We put ourselves up at such Tottori sand dunes, let us release our obsession and upgrade ourselves.

We incorporate wind, light, heat, wave, all power and connect with the earth.

And each person becomes the light to shine the earth. That is "sand dunes YOGA".


Yoga is done at the horseback of the Tottori Sand Dunes.

Lessons are five times a day from "Sunrise Yoga" at 6:30 in the morning to "Healing Yoga" at 8 pm.

Please make a reservation at your desired time.

From the end of May to the end of September we will also implement a menu to combine with "Stand Up Paddle (Sap)".

There is "Masukekeike" at the venue.

Depending on the time, beautiful "lily" flowers bloom.

"Lesson is interpreter, communication is translation terminal"

This year the number of overseas customers has increased. It may be the influence of the FAM tour which Tottori Prefecture invited power blogger to perform.

Customers are mainly from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Some people came to see blog posts.

Many people come seeking beautiful nature of Tottori.


When someone overseas comes, we will arrange an interpreter. An interpreter accompanies the lesson.

The interpreter tells the overseas people what I will speak.

By doing so, you can immerse without destroying the world view of the sand dunes YOGA.

The one in Taiwan who experienced yoga the other day was impressed that "This is really the ground." 

I think that this interpretation style will continue for a while. I am looking forward to seeing personal communication if I have a translator.

"I want to make a sand paradise that goes beyond nationalities and ethnic groups"

When communicating with people overseas, I used a smartphone translation application.

Since this multilingual translator is a dedicated terminal, we are expecting accuracy.

I want to ask various questions, such as how to know the dunes YOGA, why Tottori was chosen, and I would like to enjoy the conversation.

Moreover, since I can memorize phrases in bilingual translation, I also want to use it for study.


Many Japanese people, including me, are not good at foreign languages.

If you have such a translation machine, you may be able to positively communicate from yourself without causing allergies.


I am very happy that foreigners come and I want to raise such a place.

I would like to continue to pursue a paradise of sand that can be one beyond nationality, religion, ethnicity, all.