Tottori sand dunes sand board school

 "Exhilarating sports to slide down the slope of 30 degrees"

The sandboard is a sport that slides down the slope of sand with a board.

Sandboard was born in Western Australia and I opened a school here about 15 years ago so that everyone can enjoy it at Tottori Sand Dunes.

Especially if you do not prepare tools etc, we will prepare what you need here.

You can feel free to experience while traveling.

Easy-to-move clothing is recommended.


The place is a hilly land to the east a little bit "horseback".

It looks like a quite steep slope, but you do not need to be afraid.

If you keep advice, beginners will also improve quickly.

It is refreshing to slide down the 30 degree slope sandy to the Sea of Japan.

Especially on a sunny day, the contrast between the blue sea and the sand dune is the best.

People who are scared by all means, there is sori.

Please enjoy the "unusual" slowly, enjoying the beautiful scenery unique to the sand dunes and the unique feel of sliding the sand.

"Individual customers are uneasy that they can not communicate with each other.

Communication with translation machine "

In the past, customers from overseas were more likely to come by group tour. Recently individual customers have increased.

The customer searches in advance as to what you can do with Tottori and what you want to do.

Some people make reservations at Tottori City Tourist Support Center.


We have been using translators since last year.

Those who are overseas who participate in the individual feel lonely feeling when the language is inconvenient.

Customers are relieved that there are such tools.

I try to talk to customers as much as possible.

When I ask "Where will you go next and do what?", Customers will return "I will go to Osaka".

Customers seem to be enjoying traveling in a wide range.

"Also utilized as a learning tool. 

It is also useful for exchanging experiences between "

I use this terminal not only as a translator but also as a learning tool so that I can remember translated words and use it myself.

Translators are very helpful in hone their skills.


Japanese and foreign people will be together with experience. They can communicate with each other by using this terminal.

They are quite exciting and they seem to be good memories for each other.


In this way, we will arrange the acceptance system for tourists from overseas, we would like to have many overseas customers enjoy activities unique to sand dunes unique to Tottori.  

Tottori Sakyu Sand board school (Casting net Inc.)

Yasushi Maeda

TEL 0857-30-1991 (Reception place/Meeting place RAKUDAYA)

CP 080-1915-0424