"Flat-rate service is popular! Utilizing My Star qualifications to tourist information"

I am driving a pink taxi where the character "Sugo! Rabbit" of Tottori City is drawn.

There are only three taxis, passengers are delighted.


The popularity of tourists is the service of visiting sightseeing spots in the city for three hours at 2,000 yen per person.

This service is also widely used by overseas customers.

Many of them will be subscribed through the Tottori City Tourist Support Center.

There is always a demand for Tottori sand dunes.

Taxis go through as many places as possible in time, such as sand art museum, Uratomi coast, white rabbit shrine.

I got the qualification of "Tottori Tourism Meister" about three years ago.

I will show you my heart so that customers can enjoy the sights and history of Tottori more.

"Tourist information using translation machine and pointing conversation sheet"

We mainly visited customers in Asia, Indonesia, USA, Russia and other countries. 

It seems that traveling by a young woman alone has increased in recent years.


I started using the translator for about a year and a half.

The terminal is installed in two places near the driver's seat and the rear seat and linked.

Overseas passengers are mostly used.

Until then I had a simple communication using "pointing conversation sheet" etc.

However, it is difficult to tell you that it is not on "pointing conversation sheet".

As young people speak English, I respond to it. But I can not catch it.

I often find myself to be thankful for "translator".

While using "pointing sheet" and translation machine together, we are talking and explaining sightseeing spots.

We sing songs of customers' countries that I know and strive to make it enjoyable and enjoy a peaceful journey.

 "Exchange born in translation machine.

As much communication as possible "

An elder couple of Japanese Nikkei II who came from Hawaii before, sometimes got on a taxi.

At that time, I took out the terminal and drank coffee on the terrace of the sand dunes hall.

I have heard about nostalgic stories during the war and the past.

It was a very enjoyable moment.

While running along the coast of the Sea of Japan, I talked about "There was no Sea of Japan in the early days of ancient times and the land continued".

I hope that such communication will continue to increase.  


It is an association with each customer for as short as 3 hours.

However, I would like to tell Tottori and my thoughts as much as possible through the use of a translation machine.

We are also increasingly looking forward to improving the number and function of translators' languages.

Taxi service limited company

Shigeo Yamamoto

211-2, Sakae-machi,Tottori-shi, Tottori, Japan

TEL 0857-22-2011