The Misty Bar

"Always have 500 kinds of liquor and suggest sake that suits your taste"

Misty is a bar in a corner of downtown Tottori.

Misty is a small shop, but we have about 500 alcoholic drinks around the world.

I studied in Osaka and returned to Tottori, it has been 15 years since I opened this shop.

Local people, business people on business are visited. Many travelers visit on holidays.

Looking forward, I expect that overseas customers will increase.


If you do not know the name of alcohol or cocktail, you can choose alcohol or cocktail according to your preference or the mood of when you came.

Please feel free to come by.


"Using the multilingual translator," hospitality of "soft side" "

The promotion of the tourism industry is being promoted nationwide.

In order to encourage foreigners to enjoy Japan, improvement of "hardware aspects" such as airplanes and railroads is proceeding.

However, I feel that "soft side" is not catching up.

I also listen to scenes that can be said only in Japanese even "Welcome".


We can communicate somewhat in English.

However, there are many customers from overseas who can not speak English.

Especially in recent years there are many customers from Asia.

From that, I was very interested in a way to communicate using devices that are compatible with Chinese and Korean like this translator.

I want you to know that there is this translator, and I want customers from overseas to come with peace of mind.

Although I feel that it is necessary to devise a little devise, such as talking with clearly speaking clearly than usual, I think that I will get used to it soon.

"I would like you to know how to enjoy Japanese bars"

I hope that overseas customers will experience the "Japanese bar" by all means.

There are customs not abroad such as charge system in "Japanese bar".

Once you get used to it, I think that you can enjoy the bar in other areas.


In Japan, local bars like Tottori also have drinks all over the world.

I think that this is unusual when viewed worldwide.

It is nice that the customers who came to Japan from abroad are drinking Japanese sake such as sake and shochu.

I think that ordering sake of their own country and tasting various sake of various parts of the world is how to enjoy the Japanese bar.

Conversation is important for hospitality at the bar.

Through translators, we look forward to exchanging words with overseas customers.

The Misty Bar

Kazuya Nomura


140, Yayoi-cho,Tottori-shi, Tottori, Japan