Tottori Wagyu Beef Charcoal Grilled Meat Fuku Fuku

"A rare luxury beef from Tottori, a yakiniku restaurant where you can enjoy Manyou cow"

Boasting of "Charcoal Grill FukuFuku" is delicious meat of Tottori.

It is a shop that you can enjoy rare and high quality beef produced by Tottori by charcoal grilling, such as "Manyou beef" and "olein 55" brand beef.

I would like you to taste the fine meat that you would not normally eat at home.


Popular menu is "Today's calf thick cut".

It is a menu offering several types of assorted parts that I recommend in daily.

Because it is a thick cut, you can enjoy the taste of each part more.

In addition to that, we are preparing carefully selected Tottori ingredients such as fresh 'Manyou's Hormone' and 'Wakasa Town Natural Pork'.


"Introduced in the Hong Kong guidebook"

About three years ago, in Hong Kong, a guidebook introducing "Sanin / Sanyo" was published. Our store was introduced in that guidebook.

Hong Kong customers came to come from that time.

Today, about 10 pairs a month, many people visit us in pairs or family.

I am glad that customers will introduce another customer.

Customer was deeply moved by the taste of "Manyou beef".

Customers said that "I will introduce this store to my friends." That friend really came.


I participated in a briefing session of a multilingual translator at such a time.

Customers come from overseas to Tottori.

I felt that I wanted to communicate with customers somehow and decided to introduce it.

"I'd like people from overseas to visit and enjoy tasting real beef! "

Because Hong Kong people can communicate in English basically, I am also preparing for communication such as learning how to explain meat in English.

There is a sense of security that if there is a translation machine, "Even if you do not know by any chance, this will be OK".


It is mainly Hong Kong, but I would like more people from various countries to come to this shop.

We welcome overseas customers at any time.

I'd like customers to enjoy Tottori's real Japanese Wagyu and delicious items.

At that time, I think that such a translation terminal is absolutely necessary.

Since it is English, Chinese and Korean correspondence now, I also want Thai language in the future.

Charcoal Yakiniku FUKU-FUKU

Hisashi Ebihara


334-2, Yayoi-cho,Tottori-shi, Tottori, Japan

TEL 0857-50-0029

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